The Creation EM Team

Creation EM is a team of designers, copy writers and journalists who can tailor make a media based marketing campaign for your company, boosting direct sales and brand or product awareness and credibility to a targeted customer base.

Amy Anderson, Director

Amy started her career at London-based PR agency  Life PR and headed a creative team there under the director Lynn Franks. She then moved into fashion journalism before becoming an influential health, beauty and lifestyle journalist with regular weekly columns in the Daily Mail, Evening Standard, The Mirror, Express newpapers and OK Magazine as well as regular features in the glossy monthly and women’s weekly print media  Over an eight -year journalist  she has written hundreds of health pages in all the major UK newspapers.

At Creation EM she is responsible for coordinating and creating public relations media driven campaigns and creating copy for online media and SEO work.


Rory Myles, Director

Rory started his career as a barrister and practised for several years before moving into PR, marketing and brand creation.

Rory handles product development and online marketing including social media and email marketing.

Rory also co-ordinates with our graphics design team for mailings, advertising and web designs.

Rory handles all legal aspects of PR including exclusivity contracts, celebrity endorsements and regulatory claims for products.